Mix down and mastering

Anyone have any luck on loud mix downs?
I struggle with a loud mix since ns1.
I set all my instr. to respective hz ranges as to not muddy.
Do I have to export to a 3 rd party? Just wondering if anyone has any luck
with a big sound from just NS2


  • Hi - I see you haven't had any replies... I'm no expert but I've had some challenges as well. The standard advice should apply, like using low shelf eq to cut out bass rumble which clips but doesn't get heard...

    I do know that some of the producers here get some loud mixes from NS2 only, but I guess it also depends on what you mean by loud. You produce trap, I think? So then you probably want some earthshaking bass alongside crispy snares?

    Maybe you could post a project or a sketch of a track (archive it I guess and send to dropbox? - not a mixdown) and someone (I will at least!) could try to make it louder? There may be a problem with an effect (I have to careful when I use compressors that I don't make the mix sound dull even when the levels are high) or some other reason that the mix isn't loud....

    Anyway, if you're still having trouble maybe I can help and in the process we can both learn :)

    Although if there are some real sound engineers out there, maybe a guide to mastering in NS2 would be helpful?

  • Yeah, I think this is probably stuff you already know and have tried but I’ll share what I do. For getting really loud, you can use a combination of sidechain compression on melodic instruments (I use a duck group), slow compression and fast limiter on the master. I tend to use small amounts of waveshaper in sine for individual drums to really make them pop, it should fit the trap style well. Also, if you’re really after max loudness in the mix, don’t be afraid of going slightly in the red occasionally, a little distortion comes with the style.

    The ChromSubTrap Slate kit from StevePAL ’s IAP pack Hip Hop & Trap 1 is a really good starting point for getting massive bass.

    There are a few maximizer AUv3 plugins that might help, like FAC Maxima, but use those with care.

  • hell yea dude! Thanks for the advice, I ll try that out for sure

  • You might try using Normalize on your track in AudioShare or check out Final Touch by Positive Grid. FT is like iZotope Ozone.

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