How to add AUv3 effects to AUv3 instruments

Hi, I love Nanostudio2, but a lot of stuff isn‘t very obvious to me even though the app interface looks very clean.

After 30 minutes I haven‘t found out how to add AUv3 effects to AUv3 instruments. In Cubasis there is an effect slot, but here I only see effect slots with the onboard instruments. The AUv3 instruments don‘t show the effect box on the left bar if I open them. So how is it done? Thanks in advance.


  • The FX you are seeing are specific to those instruments and are saved with the preset. You want to go to the mixer and tap Audio FX.

  • Oh wow ... thanks a lot! So that is also the only way to deactivate it? I know AUM is not a DAW, but it was so nice being able to disable effects on the fly while playing ... is there any way to do that?

  • Set up a non-instrument track and put the effect there instead of as an insert on the AU instrument track. Use Send on your AU instrument track to send to the non-instrument track and vary the level of that track.

  • Thanks again!

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