Feature request scale lock on the piano roll

Could we have the scales set on the keyboard conform with the piano roll?


  • edited December 2018

    Gah! I half got that done. I've catered for this in the code for the piano roll, but I never finished off the UI to go with it or to feel it was developed far enough to work well. Then to make the release date, I had to get tough with binning 'non-essentials' and it got the chop. So it's in my interest to finish this at some point too, as there's unused work sitting there ATM.

  • @Blip Interactive thats awesome and thanks for your reply. I’ve been looking forward to NS2 for a very long time and while it’s chock full of surprises it very much lives up to expectations. Well done on the initial release!

  • I forgot to mention the hide/filter unused notes option as part of the scale lock is super useful.

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