Can you route AUM to NanoStudio 2? If yes, how? If not, when?


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    You mean MIDI or AUDIO ?

    • you can load NS2 inside AUM as IAA generator
    • you can route midi in AUM into NS2 virtual MIDI port - this means you can send MIDI on up to 16 different midi channels, so you can controll 16 tracks in NS2
    • you can route AUDIO out of AUM into AUDIOBUS and from AUDIOBUS into NS2 (where you can record into Obsidian or Slate sampler
  • Thanks.
    I’m not a technical guy. It would be great if Doug (Sound Test Room) would do a video covering AUM and Audiobus 3 being used with NS 2. Just saying.

  • @ctkwilson What do you mean by "route AUM to NanoStudio 2"? No need to be technical—just explain what you're trying to do.

  • Setup AUM in NS2. Here is a video demonstrating how it’s done in Cubasis:

  • Sweet exactly what I was looking for!

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