Long samples and Slate question

Is there any way to use Slate for playing long samples? PAD section allows to set 5 second for hold and 20 seconds for decay stage, limiting sample playing time to +/- 25 seconds.



  • Make sure D2 is set to infinite. It looks like it’s set that way by default but it’s not.

  • Ok, this helps! Thank you

  • But after a while volume drops to zero so it is not Infinite, or I am doing something wrong....

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    On the latest version of NS (2.0.1) the D2 value ”Infinite” is truly infinite as in it does not decay at all. But you have to make sure the value says ”Infinite”. The default value is 19,9 s. Set it up like so and it should work.

  • I’m not sure what you are trying to do, based on the original post, but if you want to play long samples, don’t use single shot triggered mode. Set pad to Sustain. Then in your piano roll draw the note to be as long as you want. Presto blamo - long samples. Slate can handle samples that are 2 hours in length. Or is that not what you wanted?

  • Setting trigger mode to sustain makes what I wanted. Don't know why I didn't find it myself ;)

  • @qbassa said:
    Don't know why I didn't find it myself ;)

    I’ve had that feeling many a time. 😊

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