How to send MIDI CC from NanoStudio 2?

I have a track with a StepPolyArp in the MIDI FX slot which has a few patterns inside it. Usually, in other DAWs (Cubasis, etc), to change patterns I send a MIDI CC #21 (with the pattern number) to StepPolyArp.

In NS2 I couldn't find out how to send MIDI CC. I've tried the Piano Roll automation, but all I could find was the velocity editor. Am I missing something obvious? Or is MIDI CC Send not possible from the Piano Roll in NS2?



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    no, unfortunately this is not possible... you can send CC just using External Midi instrument to other standalone apps or external HW midi ports...

    you cannot send midi CC to Midi AUfx, AUfx MIDI chain is sending to
    plugins just notes

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    Thanks @dendy

    So, if I understand correctly, (I haven't tried this) if I used an external sequencer (say Xequence 2) to send CC to a NS2 track MIDI FX and recorded it, it wouldn't work as well?

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