Smile kit for Slate - Memory Collection 10 demo

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Memory Collection 10 will be released next week and this is its first official demo. It has over 5000 one-shot samples from a varied collection of PD videos: 4 movies (3 horror/Sci-Fi and 1 monster movie), 19 TV show episodes including 13 from 1950's Sci-Fi shows, 11 documentaries including 4 on the subject of sound recording and 70 ads.

I created this free kit by slicing 4 longer samples, one from a beer ad (4 slices), one from a toothpaste ad (7 slices), one car ad (7 slices) and a short film about bowling (8 slices). The 4 longer samples are mapped on pads 29 to 32. There 2 other samples too.

I created a short sequence and archived the track, it can be downloaded here:

The archive contains the samples in a kit and the sequence. It should download directly to your iPad.

Here's a mp3 of the sequence:

Screenshot of the sequence:

Note that all the Memory Collection packs contain one-shot samples, they are not mapped for NanoStudio 2 nor any other app/software


  • MC 10 has just been released!
    Regular price will be $30 but it is currently 50% off as are all the Memory Collection packs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MC 01.

    I made this demo video. I used to make my demos on my computer but now I tend to make them with NS2:

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    Doug from The Sound Test Room just made a nice video showing off MC 10 and Slate:

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    Those are very different type of kits that usual instrumental stuff ;) , thank you for doing this, it's quite rare but very handy :+1:

  • Hi Dendy,

    Thanks for your comment, I am glad you're enjoying them!
    When I make demos, I tend to use only Memory Collection samples in order to keep the focus on them. But I like that in his video, Doug used the samples in a more "conventional" track showing that even 1 or 2 samples can add a lot to a track.

    While the free demo kits I created are ready to use and a lot of fun, with the full packs users can create their own personalized kits up to literally hundreds (thousands) of kits!

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