Tales from Within - A Brief History of Time

Hi Nanostudio community!

I discovered Nanostudio exactly month ago and fell in love instantly.

I want to thank Blip for such an amazing creative tool, and all the users from this forum who have shared their many tips, techniques and various contributions.

Here is my very first track made with Nanostudio:

All comments, critics and suggestions are welcome.


  • @Tales_from_within
    Hello and welcome! Excellent first tune! Will have to listen again on headphones thou but from my old iPhone speaker it sounded great! So with headphones I’ll enjoy low frequencies as well;) keep them coming!
    Also you will find lot of great people in here, really like this community:)

  • edited August 14

    welcome in community...

    Really lovely tune ! I like that relaxed vibe and how it slowly evolves and adds new melodies and elements ... well done !

  • Thank you @Cray23 and @dendy for your welcoming comments.
    Glad you like my track :)

  • @Tales_from_within very well done! Excellent sound choices and chord structure. 2:45 the delays of the previous chord on top of the last one of the measure is so cool. It’s small but it’s really cool before that bass comes in. Great track!

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