Lee B - Teknofunk

I’ve had a break from music for a few months as work has taken over recently. Seeing and hearing all the great music being posted recently has made me pick up the iPad again.
This is a fairly simple affair and only mixed on apple earbuds, so may not be up to scratch sonically, but I’ll post it anyway 😉.
I’ve noticed the kick has some strange artefacts on the YouTube conversion. I think I know why, but can’t be arsed to re upload it.

Mainly NS2 with one instance of Turnado and a fuzz plus.



  • @LeeB what a great tune! As always;) and mix sounded good to me. Yeah work does kill lot of time:( I’m literally forcing myself every day after work to do at least little in ns2 but last couple of days overtime’s got in way :@ but hey weekend is here finally!time to make some noise:DDD

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    :+1: you are king of deep house/tech sound .. this times funky deepness :) added to my playlist

  • As I said on YouTube: You are the master! Awesome groove and such a crisp sound!

  • @Cray23 @dendy @Jeppan74
    Thank you all 😊
    It’s nice to dip my toes back in.

  • Oh god, that mix! ¡¡¡¡LEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • @LeeB Nice Job! B)

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