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I like NanoStudio much but now I have a problem. I want to record or automate a switch in the efx Dubstation 2. The switch is the „Loop“-switch. I want to put it on and then off. The manual say that it is possible to automate efx. But I don‘t find it in „real“ NanoStudio. Has anyone an idea?
Thnx for thinking and help.


  • it is possible to automate build in fxs.. no AUfx atm, it's on todo list

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    thnx. I‘ll wait. Until this update I record NanoStudio in Auria. And change the aufx parameters by hand.

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    you can also record it just to AudioShare and then from audioshare put recorded audio back to nanostudio - it will be saved to NS library/inbox folder, from there you can load it to slate pad and trigger it from sequencer ..

    btw. try NS build in delay - it's pretty good, you can automate feedback and with feedback 100% it's basically same like "loop" in dubstation if i'm not wrong. . you can also automate lowpass / hipass filters on build in delay so with those 3 automations you can get pretty wild dub-like modulated delays

    if you are using Obsidian, then you can do same with it's build in delay - just map macro knobs to delay parameters and you can automate them ..

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