Is it possible to CC map/Midi learn Auv3s? (Model D)

Hi there, if I want to CC map Model D in AUM I just go into AUMs Midi settings and there I can see the names of all parameters (Cutoff, Resonance, etc.) and it is VERY easy to map everything in 10 seconds.

In Nanostudio I haven‘t found a solution yet. When researching I found a video that showed that I can doubleclick the instrument name in the mixer but then I get some mappable things that don‘t do anything and they don‘t show the different mapable CC names like filter cutoff, Attack, Decay, Sustain and so on.

Was I looking in the wrong place or doesn‘t Nanostudio 2 fully support Auv3 midi CC naming?


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    In NS it works this way:

    1/ AU Instrument has so called "Macro knobs" (and XY pad, mod wheel and pitch wheel) in performance tab. You assign those macro knobs to AU i strument parameters (using hamburger icon at left top side of AU instrument performance screen) - tap icon, tap knob, tap parameter in list.

    Macro knobs movements are recorded as automation.

    After you make assignmemts, you can save it as default for this particular AU plugin so next time you load same plugin, it loads wih your macro knobs assignment. To do this, tap again hamburger menu, tap any knob, in left list choose "All macros" and at right side tap "Save default map". Repeat this process for every AU plugin you use - those settings are saved per plugin.

    2/ now, in mixer detail view (you already did found this section) you can assign MIDI CC to those macro knobs.

    Again, this mapping can be saved, and then they are automatically set for very new AU instrument nstance added to project. Those mappings are saved as unique per selected MIDI Input+Instrument type (so obsidian, au instrument, slate can use different mappings on same midi input controller)

  • Aaaaaah, very nice of you, thanks! Wow, that is pretty complicated. So this means that I can not CC assign more knobs then the performance view in NS has knobs? That is pretty strange. Or am I getting it wrong?

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    This may look a bit complicated but it has some benefits - you can create unified macro knobs map for each plugin (let's say to have filter cutoff / resonance defined always on XY pad) and then use same hw controller CC's to control xy pad - so no matter which plugin you load, you can instantly tweak cutoff / resonance by same hardware knob on comtroller, without need of reassigning it again and again ...

    It's like a bit more work to
    assign it first time, but then you save it and done - next time it is zero work ;)

    Of course this whole architecture is optimalised for this kind of workflow, - if you have some complex hw controler with many many knobs and you want map most (if not all) plugin parametees for complete plugin controll by HW knibs - then this is not ideal solution - maybe in future some way for this use case will be developed, few users already requested this..

  • I honestly doubt the need for more than eight knobs plus XY in most applications. But then again I can be just a grumpy old man. :p

  • Ok, thanks for your insights. Yes, most of the times the parametes are enough, but it would be cool if there could be more virtual knobs that can be assigned than there are on the AUM instrument interface.

  • thanks Dendy for describtion... i hope later on we get an software solution for this ...
    sorry for bad English, i´m German

  • @TEas08
    sorry for bad English, i´m German

    not needed to apologize, lot of use here are non-native speakers .. mine english isn't perfect too :)) Important is that we at least approximately understand each other :))

  • I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for being able to express themselves in a foreign language.

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