Something New

Made this with Slate, Troublemaker, Ruismaker Noir, and Chameleon Sampler by 4Pockets.


  • It’s like slow cyberpunk cinema +++

  • @anickt great track, love how it progresses and it sounds like some organic modular synth arrangement;) oh and Troublemaker, it’s such a great synth.

  • edited September 14

    hypnopsychedelic... love how slowly it progresses ... nice mood.. i like acid melodies, 303 is my old love, this is very much match with music i like :+1: :+1: :+1:

  • Thanks @Den_K and @Cray23 Appreciate the kind words!

  • @anickt such a great job. I envy tour ability to create a nice cohesive theme throughout. KUDOS!

  • @drez Thanks for the compliment. Your work is always excellent. I am not worthy! :3

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