Help creating classic 303 Obsidian patch

I’m trying to recreate a classic Acid 303 sound in Obsidian. I know this should be easy, but the resonance on Obsidian doesn’t feel quite the same as other synths I have used. There is a Classic Acid patch in the factory bank, but it doesn’t sound right and I’m struggling to tame it. I’m wondering if anyone has a patch they could share?


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    this is very complicated... oscillators and filters in Obsidian are not designed to emulate 303 - it sounds very different.. there are some things you can do but you get never close enough...

    IMy suggestion would be - save your time and use simply Troublemaker AUv3 plugin ;-) That is it, instant 303 sound (and more)

  • @dendy said:
    this is very complicated... oscillators and filtees in Obsidian are not desigmed to emulate 303 so it sounds very different.. there are some thinfs you can so bur ypu never go close enough...

    IˇI would suggest to use Troublemaker AUv3 plugin ;-)

    Dude that's the perfect answer... I just got impatient and bought Troublemaker B) Thanks for confirming I made the right choice! I'm playing with it now, and it's not quite as squeaky as the lovely 303 patch I'm using in Reason, but I could probably EQ it and push a bit more out of it, and it'll do for live. Just exporting a mixdown of a track with the 303 removed so I can play around jamming with the cutoff and resonance and see how it feels. Thanks again man!

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