EG Pulse / DigiStix MIDI write

I know that there have been some threads about this on the AudioBus forums, but with the arrival of EG Pulse and DigiStix, we've got two amazing new Auv3 drum machines. I love the fact that I can do a drum pattern and then record the output to MIDI in GarageBand (and presumably similarly in Cubasis) and then continue to edit the MIDI in the track view. It makes creating drum tracks and patterns and then arranging them fun and easy.

For whatever reason, though, these apps won't write the MIDI in NS2. Is this an NS2 thing or something the Elliot Garage and 4Pockets would need to work with Blip on to get the MIDI to record to NS2?


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    yeah for now you need to use Nanostudio's build in keyboard ... recoding midi from AU instrument internal keyboard/pads isn't supported yet ..

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    You can host the AU Drum Machine in AudioBus or AUM and record the MIDI to a MIDI Track in NS. Once captured, you can move the MIDI clip to an AU track and edit away.

  • Thanks @Will . I'll give that a try with AUM.

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