Cray23 - AcidLine

I manage against all odds to finish this one. mostly while on high temperatures and headaches:/ I hate flu bloody thing
There is couple of samples from k2 and neutron and lot of tb3. Apart from tb3 most of it is still obsidian. Plus some grind, stark, blackhole auv3.


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    That ! You bass-tard, you managed to shoot me into another galaxy again... acid and 303 is my old love so this onle is right on the spot !!

    Great sounds, nice variable composition, lot of fun ! You're growing, from track to track better ! Where this ends ?


    What i really admire on your production is that perfect balance between oldschool elements and modern sound. Great job !

  • @dendy 😊thanks dendy you are star! there is something magical about 303 sound.oh Yeah 303 & acid, they played vital role in my life:DDD😝🤩🚀🎛

  • @Cray23 that’s just HOT! 🥵

  • Nice! You must be ready to release a full album by now....

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