Mono output

Is there a quick way to set the output of NS to mono? I'm playing a pub gig tonight and the speaker placement is such that stereo will not work well (the layout and acoustics of the environment and speaker placement mean that the crowd will be near to one speaker or the other). Is there a quick way to set NS2 to output in mono? I know I can change the iPad to output in mono in the system settings, but if I can quickly switch NS to mono that would be a lot easier. Thanks in advance!


  • yes, just put "stereo gain" fx on main mix and there is button "mono" ;)

  • Amazing, thank you! That worked perfectly B) I really love this community.

  • This is also useful for checking your mix while mastering, and for taking the stereo out of the bass in your track if you split the master output into high frequencies and low frequencies, then make the low mono. So thanks Blip for making it so easy to set up channels and groups and sends...!

  • Yeah the whole thing is so well thought-out B)

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