Feature Request: Allow Effects to be Automated via Part Automation

While I love NS2, I finally found something that truly disappointed me. Basically, track automation is the cumbersome type of traditional automation editing found in any DAW, and part automation functions similar to automation clips in FL Studio (i.e. pattern-based automation). When I purchased NS2, I thought anything that could be automated in a given track could be popped into "automation patterns" on separate track lanes. The only things I can currently automate via part automation are the macro knobs/pitch wheel/x-y pad of an instance of Obsidian. Otherwise, other things I want to automate such as mixer effects are relegated to track automation only.

While this may not be an issue when producing a one-off track/ambient track, this becomes a major headache when taking an EDM track and trying to create an extended version of it and vice versa. In FL Studio, creating an extended version was as simple as copy/pasting everything at once further down the project timeline and then working on building the extended version. In NS2 as it currently stands, I can copy/paste part automation and patterns further down the timeline, but then I'd have to go into each and every track automation part to do the same thing, one by one. Track automation is why I never got on with Cubasis, Auria Pro, etc. It's a pain in the arse. Auxy's and Gadget's automation, while not specifically clip-based, were indeed pattern-based, making rearranging things far easier.

So please, Matt, would you please consider fixing this as soon as you can by allowing effects parameters to be automated via Part Automation?


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    It looks like there's no way to edit a post or reply in this forum (at least after an hour) in order for me to clarify something/adjust the tone of something as I often tend to not word things right 100% of the time, lol. For instance, in my post above, I come off as a downer/complainer/a tool when that wasn't actually my intention. It was 4:30am my timezone when I wrote this post after I finished the first batch of DSK-based sample presets in Obsidian.

    That being said, the tone I wanted to go for was that of being in need of the workflow I'm better comfortable with while still being satisfied with everything else NS2 has to offer, and I missed the mark completely. :astonished: So I'm sorry Matt.

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