Appreciation thread

I just wanted to post to say how much I appreciate NS2. It is literally a dream come true to have software like this on an iPad. The fact that it is so affordable and yet everything just works so bloody well. It is truly amazing. And this community is really wonderful too, even the forum software works great and is simple and effective. I really love what you have all created and wanted to thank you <3


  • Nicely said! Thanks from me too :smiley:

  • You should wrote same post as appstore review :-)

  • edited October 14

    @dendy said:
    You should wrote same post as appstore review :-)

    I think I’ve already reviewed it, but I’ll double check.

    Edit - yup, I’ve already posted an obsequious, sycophantic review ;) Though I’ve just updated it since I started using NS2 for live performance and it has been amazing.

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