Mod Wheel settings on Auv3 SynthMaster Player Not saving on project open and/or mixdown

I didn't experience with SynthMaster Player in NS2 until just last week...So maybe the issue is on the SynthMaster side with a recent update, but here is what I was experiencing:

1) I use MIDI learn to assign the mod wheel in NS2 to a loaded instance of SynthMaster player and then via MIDI controller use the mod wheel to get the desired sound from the patch I've loaded.

2) If I either exit NS2 and re-open the file or simply go straight to a mixdown of the project (without exiting), the mod wheel settings revert the default value (i.e. all the way down), even though the visual in NS2 synth view shows the mod wheel at the last set position. This has happened with two separate instances of SynthMaster Player in a project. My workaround has been to use automation to record and set the mod wheel settings.


  • This may be related to other issue i already reported to Matt - i'm experiencing something like that with Bram Bos Ripplemaker with "LFO rate knob" - after i save patch on save project, reopen it - LFO rate is reset to default value.

    I'm using also same workaround - i record short automation on beginning on song to set it to proper value.

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