Osc voices sound different on different octaves

So obviously there's the velocity tab in the osc page but even with layer tab set to all osc equal I notice that the voices sound wildly different on different octaves. This might have something to do with glide legato mode tho. Here is an attached project example. If you slide up an octave the voice sounds super different than just triggering it again on the same upper note

https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxywj0zzagf0o4e/Osc voice.nsa?dl=0


  • If you glide an octave, it will use the sample from the original key and pitch bend that. Morphing into a new sample range while bending would be a pretty advanced sampler feature. Honestly I’m not very hopeful we’ll ever get that in Obsidian. Do other sampler apps do this, maybe there’s and AUv3 capable app somewhere? Sorry, I’m not really well versed in the current state of samplers, so I can’t help you there. @dendy do you know?

  • Oh right on. Makes sense. I thought I was doing something wrong but I get that

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