Probability setting for SLATE

Having an option to set probability of triggering Slate sequencer steps would be very welcome and will add so much to its functionality! Something like 100% / 75% / 50% / 33 % / 10%. Or a linear slider from 100 to 0%.

What do you think guys?

Thanks in advance for implementing this.


  • Love this sort of thinking but probably best as a MIDI FX. There are a few out there. I tend to use most often.

    Reading this post though made me think that this is probably a good use case for custom Moziac preset. Slate instrument that has no sounds sending MIDI to a Slate kit with sounds. In between (as a MIDI FX item) is a Moziac preset where each knob sets the probability for 1-16 MIDI notes (slate pads).

  • Probability per note in the piano roll would be super nice. I envision it being edited per note as velocity is now.

    That’s different than modifying the overall probability of a particular pad playing with a Mozaic script, though that’s fun to do as well.

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