Magic Keyboard support for iPad Pro


After testing all the DAWs in the apple store I will settle for NanoStudio 2 for my on-the-go studio, and I have a request, I love working with the Apple Magic Keyboard and having some shortcuts working with NanoStudio would be ideal, right now it doesn’t work at all (even writing in saves etc. is not recognized), some basic functionality like spacebar to play/stop etc. would be a good starting point.

Keep up the good work


  • Came here to say exactly this, so will bump it instead.

    Magic Keyboard support would be ace, adding to the already amazing workflow of Nanostudio with a few small things..

    • Keyboard input for file naming, saving etc
    • Pressing space to play/stop
    • Keyboard shortcuts for save/undo/etc

    Really hoping to see this one implimented

  • BUMP^^^^^^ Yes keyboard shortcuts please!

  • Fully agree. I’m almost always working with Magic Keyboard connected and lack of support is a workflow killer for sure. Please, implement at least Space for start/stop and Cmd+Z for undo!

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