Tags for Slate and Folders for Obsidian

Tags for Slate presets. Machine has a good system, Acoustic Electronic Percussive (ethnic) Melodic Special (FX) and Urban.

I understand that Obsidian doesn’t need folders because of the tagging system but if users wanted to share or separate banks of presets folders would be the way to go

Also just a minor point but the sorting doesn’t seem to be alphabetical in all menus


  • You can create folders in files ( go into Files-nanostudio2-instruments-obsidian-user) there create folder and name it as you want. After that go to obsidian and it’s patch browser and refresh it and it will appear there

    111 is folder I just created to try it out. Obviously you will have to exit ns2 to create any new folder but you can make them in advance like categories if that’s what you meant:)Hope it helps

  • I take it back:( it doesn’t save to that location:( pity. So yeah I would like that too:DDD

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