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I’m getting a phasing in playback of my MX88 After recording a track. I’m kind of MIDI illiterate. My guess is that I’m doubling up the sound? It’s acoustic piano so it really is obvious. I’m sure there’s likely a workaround but I haven’t found it. Any help appreciated.


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    Can't say for sure but on your MX88 you probably want to turn set "LOCALCtrl" to "OFF". That way, the keyboard will transmit MIDI to NS and your MX will respond to MIDI from NS. Otherwise, you can set up a MIDI feedback loop that can lead to what you describe.

    Edit. Googled. Check out page 23 of the mx88 manual. Looks like they have a "DAW Rec" mode that turns local off, among other things. Cool feature!

  • Thanks for such a quick response.. That’s kind of what I thought but lacked the language to ask a proper question. I had tried turning local off on the keyboard but that phasing seemed to still be there. I’ll try it again and mess with the DAW settings. Thanks again.
    Very nicely done on this app!

  • Cool. Hope it works.

    Just so I'm clear, you're recording midi only and then that midi is triggering your keyboards sounds, not Obsidian sounds, correct? And it's the keyboard sounds that sound phasey?

  • If you're using the External MIDI instrument there's also a THRU button on its setup page which might solve this problem. Probably better to turn local MIDI off on the MX88 as Will suggested though for a more general solution, which makes it behave more like a separate MIDI controller + MIDI instrument.

  • Will...yes I’m only controlling MIDI with my external synth.
    Blip...Thanks I’ll try that.

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