NanoStudio2 and GarageBand

Hi guys, recently tried new NS2 and this is the most instrument for live playing and music creation that AppStore has. But I faced with I can`t connet my GarageBand with NS2 - do you know anything about this feature?
Inside GarageBand I try to find NS2 as External Instrument


  • I'm not certain, but I don't think this is possible at present. NS2 doesn't sync to a MIDI clock, and also doesn't seem to be able to sync start/stop/transport using Ableton Link. If start/stop/transport through Ableton Link is supported, then you might be able to do this with Midi Link Sync. It will convert Garageband's MIDI clock to Ableton Link, and NS2 could then sync to that. But currently, I don't think there is any way to do it.

  • NS2 doesn’t support start/stop through link yet. That feature is relatively new and didn’t make it into the release version.

  • I don’t think @tonkhao was asking about how to sync NS2 to GarageBand, but rather how to load it as an instrument within GarageBand. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. NS2 doesn’t support being loaded inside any application.

    The only route is to mix down the NS2 project, then import that audio into GarageBand.

  • @tonkhao Or, you could try routing instruments tracks on GarageBand to NS2 via RouteMIDI.

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