Only One Instrument with Lanes ?

Can Lanes be used for some tracks with one instrument ?
So i can use only one Slate Drum Instrument and much Lane Tracks for BD, SD, HH.... ?
Can Lanes have different Midi channel ?

...or i load only one bs-16i instrument.
Can this one bs-16i receive different instruments on different lanes (tracks) ?


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    lanes can't have different midi chanel, they are basically just "ghost" copies of main track, they purpose is just visual split of parts, for example to have parts with notes on main track and parts with automations on lanes...

    but correct me if i'm wrong - AU version of BS-16i doesn't support multiple midi channels at all, just single one ...

  • And you can have separate parts for BD, SD, HH etc. either on different lanes or on the same lane at the same time. I thought that was particularly cool.

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    Btw if you use standalone BS-16i instead of AU plugin, you actually can have separate track for each BS-16i midi channel

    just add 8 "External MIDI" instruments, set "bs16i" (in instrument settings) as midi output and corresponding midi channel 1-8.

    Every tracks will then send notes (and midi CC) to different midi channel of BS16i

  • Thanks to all !!!

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