Small sound test - ModelD vs. Obsidian



  • Sorry but obsidian isn’t going to replace Model D for those kind of sounds and feeling ‘alive’ unless my iPad is puking in agony and I need more poly ;) Model d is vibez. Obsidian is tick boxes. Nothing wrong with that but even the dev said it was coded to not have any type of character. I like obsidian, don’t get me wrong, but it is what it is.

  • My experiments are continuing :) This time 4 instances of obsidian, loaded with multisampled short loops of Model D oscillators (just flat oscillators, no env/filters applied in Model D)

  • You rock Dendy! I love the Moog sounds and anything Lofi like. So this will help a lot. Plus I hate how much CPU model d uses vs Obsidian so If I can do it all in Obsidian then I’m down

  • Funny u mention this. I loaded up @dendy Ayer Bass and then swapped it with the Model D one and went back to Dendys preset. Just more of a full sound in regards to that preset right out the gate without tweaking. Kudos to you. I hope to up my obsidian game like that.

    @Cinebient said:
    Oh and just to clear things up, while i think Model D (and other iOS synths as well) are king for certain sounds within it´s sweet spots i also would say Obsidian is the best iOS synth ever.
    Only Alchemy was more amazing in terms of morphing sounds and stuff but the good old app doesn´t work past iOS 10 and it was more a player with some good editing options rather than the full engine.
    So hell, Obsidian IS the freaking best synth out there for iOS today!!
    And as we know we can sample into it as well :)
    Call me crazy but it´s actually the only synth i would buy an iPad for to record it into Logic (which i still might prefer for full tracks and workflow). Only Beepstreet´s Drumbo would be the other thing which i think will be indeed a game changer for iOS as well since it even kicks some (or a lot) desktop modulars. Beepstreet´s DSP is for me the best out there (and even on par with the U-he guys).

  • I just came late here, trying to listen to the examples but they seem to be gone from Dropbox.
    Is that really the case? Would like to listen to those experiments, since I love Model D.

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    Aah sorry, i did some cleaning yesterday on my dropbox, needed to free some space so i deleted it all .. but i will record some examples later and put them here again

    But i do not have anymore that initial AYER patch which i created just from pure obsidian oscillators (maybe somebody can share it, @nkdvkng i think you downloaded it ?)

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    here example.. but this is not comparation obsidian vs. model d from first post - i do not have those source files anymore ...

    here is more creative approach - 5 instances of obsidian playing various patches created from multi sampled single-cycle (or to be exact "few cycles") Model D oscillators...

  • One thing I noticed is that Obsidian sounds so amazing inside NS2 compared to Auv3s. The in the box instruments just gel so well together. The mix engine sounds so good i find myself just sampling my other apps.

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    Sounds really good @dendy!
    In general i think the sum of its own from Obsidian it can mimic a lot of the character from other synths while still sounding "Obsidian". It is a really very good synth which can further polished with extern FX if needed. If i wanted i could live with Obsidian alone as synth source for a lot of things :)
    Of course i like to have choices and like to collect synths.
    For me once a synth has a certain quality and options it is all about the FX i add to it to pronounce the best parts of it and bring more live and "3D" to it.

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    like to collect synths.

    This !!

    Btw. Did i mention that i recently bought Roland SE-02 ? :) Awesome synth, really cool crossmod between oscillators - already sampled a lot of multisamples and i'm ready to mangle them in Obsidian :-))

  • Any thoughts on creating an Obsidian sound pack out of Model D samples?

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    @drez this is exactly on which i'm working now ... 12 patches done (5 of them in example above), at leat 60-70 more needs to be done :-)))

  • @dendy said:
    @drez this is exactly on which i'm working now ... 12 patches done (5 of them in example above), at leat 60-70 more needs to be done :-)))

    <3 <3 <3

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