How transfer projects NS2 between 2 Ipads

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for information: I have 2 ipad pro and I have installed Nanostudio 2 on both. is it possible to create a project on an ipad and transfer it to the other ipad without losing all the pad settings, volumes, midi in and out settings and the choice of sample waves? We would like to transfer all the contents of a project without having to do everything from the beginning. Thanks in advance for your answers


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    You have to archive the project first, then export it to Dropbox or google drive, then re open it in the other iPad. It will be in the archive folder.

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    In project save/load screen there is option "Archive". This packs whole project, all used samples (except of factory and IAP) into one file (*.nsa) which you then can transfer on other devices or use for backing up of your project.

    There is more methods how to export such archived project from ipad somewhere else (dropbox, files app,...) but for you probaby best one is airdrop.

    After you do archive, tap "export"

    If your ipads are close enough, with avtive bluetooth and airdrop, your second ipad appears as icon in apple file export dialogue (which appears after tou tap "export")

    Tap it and your archived project will be transfered to your second iPad. First time you do it, iOS will probably ask you which app to use for opening received file - choose Nanostudio 2, next time it will do it automatically.

    After file is received, at second ipad choose "load" in Nanostudio and go to "Archived" folder in load window - it will unpack project to your "Projects" directory and then load it.

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  • Thanks to everyone for the answer, I'm happy to have a backup of my projects without having to reset all the midi and audio parameters. I used Nanostudio 1 for 5 years and I kept an old ipad to avoid losing the app no ​​longer compatible with the new IOS. now I can happily use Nanostudio 2 and leave the old ipad to my children :-)

  • Yes, good idea. Let your children start learning early by playing with NS1.

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