List of plugins with problem in sample rate handling

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There are some plugins with problems in sample rate handling implementation. In nutshell they are internally fixed to sample rate defined by iOS (device hardware) and they are ignoring sample rate used by host app. Most of current iOS hosts deals with this diplomatic way - they use for realtime playback (and mixdown) just device sample rate (44khz on older devices, 48khz on new devices or on devices iPhone 6S+ when using build in speakers).

You can easy identify such issue easily - just try export project at 96khz bitrate - sound would be distorted with crackles or pitch issues (usually both). Another manifestation of this issue are freezes during mixdown at higher bitrates, or super slow mixdown (like 0.1x of realtime playback rate ). Next known case of this issue is on new iPad PRO 2018, where it is broken even during realtime playback ( Read Matt's comment here: )

Purpose of this thread is to create list of such plugins. Please add here all plugin where you experience this issue, i will update this first post to have them listed on one place.

- AudioLayer
- MicroTera
- Reverb ? ( * )
Beep Street
- Sunrizer
- DerVoco
Elliot Garrage
- WaveShaper
- Egsy01 ? ( ** )
- iVSC3
Audio Damage
- Dubstation 2
- Bleass Delay

(*) Probably still contains older implementation. However based on reports it looks like this issue is present in all VirSyn plugs.

(**) Not tested yet. Please, if somebody owns this synth, try it and let me know. Thanks.


  • good news from Waveshaper developer ;-)

  • Thanks for starting this thread and getting in touch with ElliottGarage @dendy. I've been very busy trying to nail down AU issues so I can gather as many fixes as possible into a release fairly soon so the help's very much appreciated.

    The most common issues I've seen with AUs are:

    1. They work at the first sample rate/buffer size they're given but don't like it being changed after that (eg. when swapping between real-time and mixdown).
    2. They only like working at one sample rate and change in pitch and/or distort/glitch when a different rate is requested.
    3. They use the sample rate reported by iOS rather than the same rate requested by the host.

    I can't remember which ones do what, just that they're the main symptoms looking out for!

    Just for reference:

    • NanoStudio always uses a sample rate of 44.1kHz for real-time, and upsamples to 48kHz if the output hardware requires it (newer devices, and some devices when using the speaker instead of the headphones).
    • The mixdown sample rate is obviously adjustable via the Mixdown Settings.
    • NanoStudio's real-time buffer sizes are 64, 128, 256 and 512 (Very Low, Low, Medium and High).
    • The buffer size used for mixdown is 256.
  • Also VirSyn Addictive but when my interface is connected I have no issues at all with these same plug ins.....

  • I have a problem with Poison-202. Not a big one but well worth reporting.

    When I load the presets A53, A54 or A55 in the browse menu, it takes me up to the top of the list. I guess it's because the name of the preset has a '.' in it.

  • I can confirm this erratic behavior. It might indeed be caused by the ‘.’ in the patch name, but I think the problem actually lies with Obsidian’s predjudice against Electric Pianos.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for reporting this issue with the BLEASS delay. We're gonna fix this in the next few days.

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    @Alex_from_BLEASS cool, thanks ! Btw. i like this delay a LOT, good job !

  • @dendy Thanks! Seems to be corrected on our side, we need to make some testing to verify if everything is okay and then we will release the update.
    We will keep you in touch.

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