AU Mod Wheel parameter - where should I look for it?

I'd love to mod wheel the Model D AU, is this possible in NANOSTUDIO 2?


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    I can use the one on model 15. If you’re on the AU page, press the keyboard symbol at the top left, then press the wireless symbol looking button, under the time/ transport bar, the one on the left of the six buttons.
    That should make the AU full size and find it in there.

    Works for model 15. Not got model D, so don’t know if it works the same 🙂

    Edit/ think I just got the jist of what you mean, I can’t use my mod wheel on my keyboard either.

  • Synthmaster One is hungry for mod wheel!

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    Pretty big omission for an AU host DAW that's been 6 years in the making... Dear developer, would you be so kind to provide access to the mod wheel parameter for our AUs? Thanks in advance and all the best!

  • 2nd-ing or 3rd-ing this. Even GB lets me access the mod wheel of Auv3 instruments without needing to assign any MIDI mappings. Synthmaster One, in particular, pretty much requires use of the mod wheel to get the different textures of sounds. Really missing it in NS2.

  • +1 Yes... controllers are our friends. They should be invited to this party. My Keyboards are feeling a bit unloved as many of their limbs are not being recognised...

  • +1 for support of modwheel and sustain pedal (CC64]

  • +1 for sure and a bump. Was amazed this wasn’t included, as I’m fairly sure it was in NS1!

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