How to assign patch categories?

How do I assign a category to a patch? I'd really like to take one of the unused category tags ("vocal" in my case) and use it keep track of all my favorite patches. Now that I've got most of the IAPs, it gets tricky to wade through everything to find the sounds I use most often.



  • Found the answer immediately after posting (typical.... ). Gotta use "Save as," right?

  • Yes, and then you can limit your browsing to ”User” patches so you won’t see doubles.

  • Right on. Just noticed that myself. Might as well just start saving my favorite factory presets as user presets and avoid the whole tagging thing altogether. Works just as well for my needs as long as they're all in one spot.

  • Hold in mind that if you "save as" IAP patch, and this patch is using samples, those samples are not physically saved together with patch - they still stay just in internal IAP folder (which is accessible for user), and in your patch copy are saved just relative paths to those samples.

    So if you export that patch and then you import it on other device without that IAPs purchased, patch will have missing samples.

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