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Hello! Late like my submission to a song contest, we have a few new forum categories. Namely:

A place to share all things created in NS2—songs, patches, kits, fx-chains...

Bug reports:
If you think you've found a bug, share it here. Bonus points for helping Matt out by following the posted guidelines.

Feature Requests:
A place to imagine the future of NS2 out loud.

A few posts have been moved. Mods will be moving more over time.

Here's a breakdown of all the current categories. Hat tip to @SlapHappy for the wordsmithery!


Here you will find Official Posts from Blip Interactive, conveniently located in one central area. Any posts from Blip Interactive on other sections of this forum are unofficial and complete rubbish.

Bug Reports:

If you think you may have found a new bug species in NS2, please post a Bug Report here. You list ‘em - Matt squishes ‘em. Please describe the bug thoroughly. Hardware & iOS info might be helpful. Give as much information as possible: list all the steps that result in buggy behavior so that others can reliably recreate the same situation. As soon as the bug is squashed, you may paint a bug on you iPad or iPhone. “Everyone’s doing their part. Are you?”

What to include in your bug report:

  1. Description of buggy behavior
  2. Steps to reproduce
  3. Expected result
  4. Actual result
  5. Visuals showing the problem are extremely helpful (screenshots, videos, text)

Copying and pasting that list into your new bug thread and filling out each bit gets you untold bonus points.


Songs, Obsidian Patches, Slate Kits, Obsidian sub-panels, FX-chains... should be posted here. Forum members really enjoy hearing the music you have created with NS2. And who doesn’t love a new Patch or Kit once in a while?

Discussion of the methods you used are encouraged so that others can learn a bit from your examples.

One thread per creation (unless they're part of a group) strongly encouraged.

Feature Requests:

Post Feature Requests here where they can be more easily found. Feature Requests posted elsewhere will be ignored. (Joke Sign) The more info you can provide, the better chance your feature request will have to one day become code. Please clearly state the problem or benefit, describe the feature you think will satisfy that need, and how it could be integrated into the User Interface. You will also need to be prepared to give oral arguments in front of a panel of judges. (Same Sign)

General Chat:

This is the section to discuss various aspects of NS2: ‘How To’ questions, Tips & Tricks, favorite Slate Kits, Ins & Outs of Obsidian, etc. Post that stuff here. To help keep the forum searchable, please post in the specific category for feature requests, bug reports and support questions.

NanoStudio 1:

This is the place for all posts about the original: NS1. Eden, TRG, NanoSync...? Yes! We remember! NanoStudio 1 only works on iOS 10 or earlier, and while NS1 is no longer officially supported, there are still NS1 Users. This is the place to post about NS1: Questions, Tips, Creations and even Old Timers stories. “Remember back when...”


Read the Manual. No really. Read it. Still can’t get something to work? This is the place to ask how to get it working. No judgement. We’ve all overlooked the obvious and had to ask a dumb question. We don’t mind. It makes us feel smart when we can answer questions. We’ll even consider really good questions that make our brains hurt.


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