Recording rhythm using Rozeta?

I’ve figured out how to create rhythms using Rozeta Rhythm, my question is, now that I’ve created a pattern I like, how do I record it?


  • you need help of another AUfx idi plugin - it's called "MIDI Tools". It's pack of multiple plugins. From this pack, put plugin called "Route" after Rozetta. (Just put it there, not needed to change any it's settings)

    Now go back to sequencer, add new track, and with this track selected, hit record. MIDI going out of Rozetta will
    be recorded to this track.

  • Cool. Thanks for the prompt reply! I’m really digging into NS2 and loving it!

  • You can also host Rozeta in an external app like AudioBus or AUM and route the MIDI from the host to a track in NS2 for recording.

  • How do I route from AUM to NS2?

  • @ctkwilson


    you need audiobus .. put AUM to input slot of AB and NS2 to output slot .. but not sure if such routing is meaningfill, NS2 doesn't have audio "pass through" because of it doesn't have audio tracks .. so you can just record into sampler, which means you actually hear what is comming into NS2 just when recording screen is active and "monitoring" button is activated.


    This is easy. NS2 exposes virtual midi input, so simply set routing from any other MIDI track in AUM into NS2 midi input. In NS2 you probably need in mixer track detail, in "IN/OUT" tab, change in "Track receives MIDI when:" from "SELECTED" to "ALWAYS" and also choose just single midi channel (1,2,3,4..etc) - the channel on which is sending corresponding MIDIfx plugin hosted in AUM which is supposed to controll that NS2 channel ..

    Addiionaly you can load NS2 as IAA generator INSIDE AUM, in that case Nanostudio's main audio output goes to AUM mixer - for this connection you don't need Audiobus

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    The way for setting it up with [aum] and [audiobus] is to put [ns2] in the input and [aum] in the output slots, then nanostudio receives global start/stop signal. (In [aum] add the [ab iaa source]).

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