50% OFF the HIP HIP & TRAP VOL 1/2 IAP soundpacks

If you haven't already picked up the HIP HOP & TRAP IAP soundpacks there there's a chance to save some pennies - Volumes 1 and 2 are both 50% for a limited time.

Both these soundpacks usually go for £5.99 ($5.99), and are currently reduced to £2.99 ($2.99). If you don't see the price reduction in NS2's Store page then try restarting the app, as it normally updates the current prices at start up.

Happy hippy trapping!



  • Excellent sounds.🙏🏾 Looking forward to picking up the others soon.

  • I have all of the IAP’s. They’re very useful. Even if you’re not “into the genre” of some of the packs get them anyway. They’re well-produced and will work in many applications.

  • HOORAY 😉

  • Lots of great stuff here!

  • All got all the IAP’s, excellent quality sound for some reason better than the factory presets.

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