Another one

All NS2 with few AUv3 fx plugs


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    Absolutely sick, man. Hats off!

    I'm curious, do you mainly plan to use these live or in a dj set? Because the sounds are fairly dry listening on headphones, so I have a feeling a physical space would kind of gel them together. Don't take this as criticism, I'm actually super envious of the mix you've accomplished :D I was going for hard but this is HARD!

  • I like that one! @Cray23

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    Huh, Liam is that you ?

    Just. Wow. Really love how those phasered sounds are spreaded in stereo, very vivid.

    Like, really. If somebody would told me this is new Prodigy, i would believe (or maybe not, last few years Liam's production is not that good like it used to be, this track is too good to be new Prodigy :)))

    And perfectly balanced mix, hats off too !!!

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    Yeah, it kind of feels like evil snakes coiling around each other 😀 next time someone asks if NS can get loud, I’ll just point them to this track.

  • DAMN!!!!!!!

  • @Stiksi really appreciate your feedback, any real criticism is a good thing I believe
    And no I’m not playing any sets and yes you are right they sound bit raw/dry. I guess bit of reverb on master with some mix automation would help might come back to it later.
    I think my main problem is that I use internal speakers for composing/sound design often instead of proper headphones or speakers. But I think it can sound still better/cleaner
    @dendy you just made my day sir, I love prodigy and being told that I sound like them did put massive smile on my face :))) still lot work to do as it always can be better.
    Stay tuned more is coming :DDD

  • Haha, I work with the iPad speakers so much too. It’s just so easy! Really wasn’t meant as criticism, more of an observation of a different style.

    Oh, one possibility, if you do want to add space but also to preserve the hard-edged sound, would be to use a Send channel for the reverb, maybe low-pass the signal before the verb so it won’t pick up the kick and sidechain the output so it just comes in when there’s no other sound. But honestly, I don’t know how that would sound, I’m more of a one verb, one sound kind of guy 😀 way too many verbs in my projects usually.

    @Cray23 said:
    Stay tuned more is coming :DDD

    Yes, please!

  • @Cray23 said:
    I think my main problem is that I use internal speakers for composing/sound design often instead of proper headphones or speaker

    Actually i'm doing this sometimes too - i realised that if i use for composing/initial sound design phase just internal speakers it stops me from digging too deep into details of sound in initial phase - and i actually finish something instead of staying stucked in endless sound tweaking loop .. after some part of track is do i switch to headphones to od proper sound fine tuning ..

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