Tracks of 2019

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Hi everyone,
here are some of my Nanostudio 2 tracks
downloadable and under CC BY-NC-SA license ( copy, redistribute, remix, transform, share alike)

EDIT replaced the playlist link with the direct link to track one


  • This is really great. Love that 80’s vibe there. Will definitely add you when I sort out my SC

  • wow, another great music to our NS2 collection... :+1: :+1:

    Very musicall tune, and like the wide bass a lot ! Lot of upliftimg energy in that track, great melodies !

    ... can't believe how much interesting music, in many genres, we have here...

  • thanks, Cray23 and dendy! I'm already following both of you on every online channel I could find ;)

    and I just realize that the Soundcloud playlist isn't displayed properly here. So I will post my tracks one by one, but in the same thread. so here's the next one:

  • This is a short one - well, it's actually a loop I made for a little game I was trying to work on but it never was in some kind of playable state :s so here's the main menu background music loop:

  • And I guess this is how I imagine how space flight felt in the 80s...

  • Ich esse gerne Kartoffel mit Glitch, like all germans do.

  • great tracks.. well balanced sound but also interesting musically.. thumbs up !

    are they made in NS2 or there are also other apps "involved" ? :)

  • They are all made in NS2, glitch effects are done with Turnado Midi and sometimes I use Enkl or Primer as AU Instruments. In the end I use the Audio Mastering app to make things a bit more exciting.

  • thanks for info... really exceptional work, you should be proud on your production !

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