Howto: Audiobus?

I don‘t understand how i can send sound/synths/Guitar through Audiobus in ns2. There is nothing in the manual.


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    just load NS in Audiobus OUTPUT slot.. then open in Nanostudio recording screen (in obsidian when Sampler oscillator is selected, or in Slate in sample tab) - if NS is connected with audiobus, AB is selected as recording input in recording screen .. with monitor button ypu hear everything what is comming from ausiobus, if you hit record everything is recorded ;)

    more about recording screen in general is here :

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    you can use AB also for resampling realtime NS2 output back to sampler - this concept is described with screenshots here:

  • thanks @dendy! very helpful

  • Maybe I’m just too stupid for NS2, but I just can’t figure out how to us inter-audio units in this DAW. I’m trying to use Audiobus 3, but can’t get it to work.
    Maybe upload a video walkthrough on YouTube.

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    with audiobus you can sample external synths in NS - into Slate or Obsidian. Is this what you want to do ?

    In this case just put NS into AB "output" slot synth you want to sample into AB "input" slot...

    Then in NS open for example Obsidian with 'Sample' oscillator, hit "record"... be sure that you wnable "monitor" input to hear in realtime e erythung what is comming from AB ... now when you start record, everything from AB is recorded...

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