Cray23 - Chaos strain

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Missed my self imposed deadline on this one as I was working on it since last week and then at Friday I scrapped most of it and pretty much reworked it all. there is probably just 8s worth of original sequence, most of drums remained intact tho. But it was worth it;) most synth sounds are sampled from neutron into slate/obsidian


  • Jeez @Cray23 yet another freaking banger! I am soooo pickin up what you are throwing down. Awesome face kicker!

  • Yeah!

    Your tracks just make me smile. Well done, yet again :smile:

  • Nice! Great sounds and energy!

  • That's nasty - in a good way :)

  • That distortion/overdrive used sounds beautiful to my ears :) Very smooth .. is it's NS's waveshaper or some AUv3 ?

    Small criticism - i'm missing subbas in track. From beginning i was expecting some deep sub will start at some point but it didn't happened - it took a away a bit of builded energy .. but it's not major issue, maybe just my subjective perception of this track, if you are satisfied in bass/subbass spectrum then you have nothing to change ;)

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    @drez thanks mate you always put big smile onto my face:D
    @Trigger_the_Monkey thank you sir glad it did;)
    @anickt I’m happy you liked it;)
    @richardyot love your comment, I do aim for bit of nastiness;DDD
    @dendy *uck, yep it was late and I couldn’t monitor it on speakers so I decided to give it good listen on my headphones and go with that but I do recall taking that bastard sub down a bit as in some of my previous tracks one of my mates said it’s too bass heavy and I have done that on headphones too so I though let’s bring it down a bit and yep I could leave it as that;) good spot and really I do appreciate exactly this sort of criticism as it helps to move forward. And to that distortion, well most of the tracks have Waveshaper on them either in form of obsidian filter 1 is set to ws / some channels have extra ws on them as well and in slate some of, if not all sounds (always kicks/snares)have ws inserted on plus sometimes on slate main bus there could be found some ws:DDD and on main bass/lead there is Stark and that is really great auv3 it’s like amplitube/guitar rig what they called amp sims with fx:D it can turn most sounds into guitar like sound;)
    I use stark on almost all my tracks
    Besides that I forgot to mention that almost all sound in this track are actually coming sampled from Behringer Neutron into slate/obsidian so I added that in description;)

  • And to that distortion, well most of the tracks have Waveshaper

    Not surprised too much ;) anyway this is exceptional showcase how good job did Matt with waveshaper !

    all sound in this track are actually coming sampled from Behringer Neutron

    Cool ! Again not much surprised, this is perfect synth for this kind of music... I love Neutron a lot ! Really great dirty sounding synth.. i sampled a lot of stuff from it which is now waiting silently in "neutron_multisamples" folder for my next creativity wave :)

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