Ray Subject & Echo Opera - Echoes o Groove

Small remix build from @echoopera pack of loops created by him in Groovebox app.

Loaded loops into Nanostudio 2, speeded them a bit (from original 85 and 100 bpm to 120) added some additial stuff ;)

Original pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt6mz2tfn5u0u0p/GrooveBox Samples.zip?dl=0


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    @dendy that was smooth! Like your drum programming here. Will have to listen to this on speakers when I get home:) (off the topic)what do you think about doing some ns2 beat battles section in forum

  • Nice track dendy!

  • thanks guys ;)

    @Cray23 that is pretty good idea just at the moment i don't have enough energy to organise such battle, i'm totally overloaded by work ..

    but i'm thinking about this for long time .. something with interesting prices for winners, maybe even releasing top X tracks in some form .. we need to discuss about this with other betaguys and matt ..

  • @dendy cool šŸ˜Ž that sounds great! Yep Iā€™m also working bit more now due some delayed stuff at work so not much time to make noise :/ or anything really

  • Cool, nice to hear some laid back stuff from you, I especially enjoyed the melodies in the last third! šŸ‘

    @Cray23 If you get tired of waiting for us to get off our asses, you can always put together an unofficial beat fight club here šŸ™‚

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