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  • Mighty impressive! Great variety and the mixes sound lovely.
  • Wow! Mighty impressive on all fronts 👍🏼
  • @Doccy247 said: Just found out about NS2. Was a user of NS1 from day dot. Why such a departure from the original. I just shelled out to buy it and it the interface feels like such a backward step. I would advise to give it time. It’s actu…
    in Wow Comment by LeeB February 15
  • Very pleasant 👍🏼
  • Sooo Good! Super fat , tight and well mixed. Brilliant use of the samples too. I’m jealous!!
  • Really powerful and energetic as usual. You’ve got it nailed 😎
  • @dendy said: one tip - filter on compressor is handy not just for filtering sidechain input in case it is connected to compressor - it is useable also in case of not connected external sidechain input, compressor uses it's own audio input (audio …
  • I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never used the ‘Hold’ function. I would also be interested in others replies. As for compressor timings, I’m not sure if there’s any equations, but I do it solely by ear. Fast attack and set the release to suit the …
  • Sounds like you had a great time back then. Still got my Babylon/Helter Skelter 12”
  • Sounds like you’ve been at it a long time 😀 I piddled about with a 4 track, bouncing drum breaks from vinyl along with a little Yamaha synth sequencer and my sample one shots from a DJ mixer. Crude, but got me int this whole world.
  • @TakkAtakk said: Back in “the day” running (the then midi-only) Cubase on the Atari ST it was common practice to leave a number of blank bars at the beginning of an arrangement - the urban legend being that it allowed the midi clock to stabilise …
  • @bluemoononwunday said: @LeeB thank you! 🙂 I’m loving ‘Tonality’ demo! 👍 Thank you 😊
  • Missed this one first time around. Sounds lovely! 👍🏼
  • That really was a nice journey. Love the transition at 5.50 👌🏼
  • I’m not getting the weird bit either 😉 I really like it! Plenty of interest without ever being overcrowded. Great drums and percussion and nice use of distortion that didn’t take away from the mellow kind of vibe. Top stuff! 👍🏼
  • @bobheads said: @leeb thanks for all your feedback - really appreciated! Thanks for the EQ tips! do you mean you put cuts on all tracks in those areas ( because there is just too much sound in those frequencies), or do you choose only some…
  • For me, I only really use Obsidian and Spacecraft for Pad type stuff. Mainly the former, but Spacecraft can do some great granular atmospherics I do love Sunrizer’s sound , although I haven’t used it since Nonostudio 2 came out. Cheers
  • Nice track, very catchy. Again, I would say the Bass, which is great, is a little loud for me, Especially the stabby brighter part. Using the same ideas (volume/sidechain compression) as I mentioned on your first track should remedy some of the p…
  • Hi Patrick and welcome I like it, it doesn’t need too much fiddling to my ears I had a listen and it felt like the bass (which is nice) was a little over powering. Maybe lower the volume a touch and also put a compressor on it and sidechain it…
  • @bobheads said: this is super cool, and even though it's not really the kind of genre I make myself, I can appreciate the work that's gone into it and I love the space around the sounds ( and the sounds themselves!). Super clear and bright mixing…
  • What a lovely warm introduction
  • Love it mate. Lots of nice changes and edits. Really liked the section from around 3.30
    in Cray23 - Split Comment by LeeB June 2020
  • Great news 😀
  • That’s a shame. I’m sure others with that app may be able to help 👍🏼
  • I think I had something similar happen with spacecraft. I had 3 running fine for some time, then when loading the project again, they were stuck on loading editor screen. It could have been a Ram issue maybe? The way I got around it in the end was…
  • Thanks mate 👍🏼
  • @Jeppan74 said: Bloody fantastic mate!! Right up my alley! And the awesome thing is that though it´s a different genre, you can still hear it´s a Lee B track. Specially with your signature congas Cheers mate, glad you like it 😊 @de…
  • Cheers mate 😎
  • @kitejan said: Thanks for the nice comments! Yes he (called Caspian by the way) is a very happy dog and loves his walks. Its my job to take him out first thing - something I enjoy whatever the weather. @Trigger_the_Monkey - that was…
  • That was great. Lots of great chords and melodies along with some lovely sounds. Clever stuff!