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  • @Will said: Agree, it would be useful to have a "Ripple editing" toggle directly in the Song and Part Editor UIs at some point. For me anyway, it'll be more important once audio tracks land. Ripple editing, I like that. And yes, a toggle…
  • Well I banged out another one. This ones called “Bloom”. It’s all just slate and obsidian with a very light touch from Grand Finale.
  • lol @anickt I definitely don’t know where I’m going. Good job on the track, sounds nice and tight. And yeah guys, here’s my first track in NS2. The experience making it pretty much cemented NS2 as my weapon of choice going forward.
  • @dendy said: @db909 do you know that for "loop to selection" you even don't need open actions submenu and tap directly to "loop to selection" , just double tap "actions" button does it too ? And when you are inside part editor, "actions" …
  • Well I’ve discovered my favorite “hot key combo” for lack of a better term. It’s draw and then loop to selection. Oh I need a thing right there? Draw it, loop to selection, play. Boom. So simple. Best linear sequencer I’ve ever used hands down. …
  • I would definitely like to see this implemented. I’ve only been using this for about a month but this is one of the first things I wished I could do but couldn’t. It’s not so much about extending the length in the other direction as it is SHORTENI…
  • Hi, new here, but I’ve learned that mapping a gratuitous amount of things to velocity can make for very expressive Obsidian patches and provide a LOT of texture with minimal tracks. I had only three synth parts going like this the other day and was…