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  • Oh, also, I've got a blue million plug-ins and a coupla three DAW's on my desktops and been in this stuff for about ten years and interested in it for longer than that. I am truly excited by what's going on on the iPad right now. I got one for mys…
  • I feel the same way. I have all those too. NS2 has got it down pat. I like BM3 too though. I wasted my munny on all the rest. Twin2 sounds sweet, but you have to dig through AP to get to it. I had Caustic on my LG V20. I liked it there, but I…
  • Are the Gadget synths deeper than they seemed to me? I got it earlier this year, but they didn't click with me much. One of them has this pignose bass sound I like though... I got NS2 at around the same time, and Obsidian was a sleeper hit, I tho…
  • Cool track! I don't think I would've identified the coin roll as such if you hadn't pointed it out. Nice mangling there.
  • You might try using Normalize on your track in AudioShare or check out Final Touch by Positive Grid. FT is like iZotope Ozone.
  • I bought an iPad to use for a writing project I had in mind. I've used Ableton Live and FL Studio on the PC for years. When my wife ran across a used iMac for a good price, I started looking at it, and most of the music software I had before was a…
  • @jwmmakerofmusic Thanks for posting this here (saw you over on AB's forum)! I appreciate hearing how well NS2's effects stack up. You just saved me a whole bunch of money!