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  • Thanks Yes, i have a lot of influence, on many genre ! In this EP, i wanted mix a multiple contradictory style haha, is very fun to compose ( but not fun to mix and master...). And the Artwork, in a pure black metal way !
  • Great track!!! I like it, a lot of power in this track
  • Thank you for your response! I have found a “solution”, i sav a copy of project, and it will be sav in less time. But it is not a true solution hahaha. Yes i think is a auv3 problem, but i use more than 5 auv3 fx and between 3 and 9 auv3 instru…
  • Neonrust and Peanut, thanks !!! I will post another song in march, just before album release!
  • Thanks Jeppan, all is made inside Nanostudio 2
  • Thanks a lot!
  • I read a lot of theory and took online courses, the guys say to cut between 20 and 30, but it depends on the style of music, which instruments and especially the number of tracks. I think that when you have between 30 and 50 tracks, it is better to…
  • Thank you again for added to the playlist I cut below 25 30hz for kick and bass, and the other to, but depend of the instruments and harmonic i want to put in front of the track
  • I use stereo filter for cut low and high unnecessary frequency, because of its 24 36 or 48db/octave cuting. Then the eq after, maybe 2 or 3 instances of it haha I’m waiting too for auv3 midi input, because i want to use it with Roseta suite, but…
  • Dendy, it is your song? Thanks a lot ! Yes, the plugin in Nanostudio 2 is very capable and sound very pro, all other is just for specific use, disto, maybe delay, but the delay unit in NS is crazy too hahaha. And not talking about automation ha…
  • Thank you The only external auv3 plugins are Stark and Haaze. I use the internal plugins to the maximum in Nanostudio, Limiter, compressor, eq, stereo filter, stereo gain, algoverb and multi fx. I have EOS 2 in reverb, but with the 27 28 tracks…
  • I like this too !! Yes Stark is very fun to use with haha Your way of composing is great, that’s my opinion
  • Great song !!! Very professional too! I don’t remember the name for the Matrix remix of rob zombie, but this song makes me think of this, and wooo, full of energy !
  • And, share it please!! Thanks
  • Thanks so much I make music for long time, but not this style. And for 1 and half year i compose entirely on ipad, and now Nanostudio 2 is my main DAW. Yes i would make an epic orchestral darksynth metal... HAHA I don’t want to put a name on…