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  • Much of what I hear in pattern based pieces loses my interest in the unvarying repetitiveness of it. Kind of like listening to a fan. Remember this a “boomer” talking so you need to understand my musical roots are likely alien to you and most others…
  • Thanks @Cray23. Appreciate the compliment. Auto quantize does seem to work on cc data in NS, a cool feature actually, but alas it was turned off. Can’t really quantize a wind driver performance. There is a separate discussion about the resolution i…
  • @rtkeeling said: I liked that a lot! I had to listen again with headphones. It brought to mind Ray Lynch to me. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of Ray Lynch. Thanks for turning me on to him! Love it - my kind of music. Kind of …
  • Thanks man. Appreciate it.
  • Attached are 2 files that I think clearly demonstrate the problem. I recorded midi into NS and simultaneously recorded direct to audio into MultiTrack as an audio effect in the same track. LiveAudio is the direct to audio recording. MidiPlayback i…
  • @Trigger_the_Monkey “it may not be ideal, but have you tried correcting the really bad zippering by re-drawing the CCs for that short section by hand? Just make sure you turn grid off (bottom left of the screen when you are editing the CC recording)…
  • Yes. Real time quantize is set to off. The cc data does not look quantized. Just fewer events than I would expect.
  • To illustrate, I recorded 2 quick mod wheel movements into ns and Cubasis simultaneously. Attached (I hope) are screen shots of what was recorded. You can see many more events in cubasis recording.