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  • Midi Curve audio unit from Midi tools app will be able to exactly do what you are looking for after turning a few knobs.
  • Hey @number37 Thanks for the info. Your script looks useful! Will get mozaic.
  • Looks like midifiltr has a limitation to 8 steps. There is also another midi fx script language StreamByter. Not so easy to program but seems to be more flexible.
  • I am not aware of this feature since I jumped on board with NS2, but the name itself sounds very interesting! What was it guys?
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  • @Will said: Love this sort of thinking but probably best as a MIDI FX. There are a few out there. I tend to use most often. Reading this post though made me think that this is probably a good use ca…
  • Definitely and I guess this does not require changing whole a lot in the code of the app.
  • +1 for AUv3 automation. During black Friday sales I got Cubasis 3 and discovered how easy it is there to automate AUv3 parameters, no mappings to knobs no nothing just press record and move the control inside the FX plugin or an instrument and voil…
  • +1 I really like the ARP found in JimAudio Groove Box. It works in conjunction with the XY pad for dynamic scale/pattern changes. It would be a dream come true inside of Obsidian! Please think about implementing it inside of NS2. Thanks in a…
  • +1 Yep, this would be great and would open a new world of creative possibilities.
  • +1 Yes, please! Latch function for notes. Something like in BM3 or MPC hardware. Arpeggiator inside of Obsidian would also be VERY welcome. Nothing fancy, perhaps something based on the UI and functionality of what’s inside AudioKit synth’s. …
  • I also would like to request this feature. It was a bit shocking at the beginning of working with NS2 that it actually does not include it. Hope you can work it out. Thanks in advance.
  • Download link is not working. Can you update it please? Thanks