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  • @drez said: Hokay, here's my Getting to Know NS2 tune. Done completely with NS2 stuff, no AU's. May not be your cup o tea, but hope you enjoy anyway. @Blip Interactive thank you for an amazing piece of kit. Its called Six Years because that's how…
  • @echoopera said: Looks like it’s time to get on this horse. 🤪 Here’s a ‘first track’ exploration that is 100% native NS2. There’s a lot to love with this app...glad we’re all able to benefit from it. Damn this is chill. I love …
  • @dendy said: Ah understand now .. sounds like handy feature.. not such possibility in nanostudio at the moment .. best workaround is to draw your notes just short .. then select all notes you want to set to some fixed length (if you switch…
  • @Stanley_V said: @dendy said: @newMania * install dropbox app on your ipad (eventually register account if you do not have, basic account is free) * after app instalation, click in browser in that link - in pag…
  • @dendy said: just wondering if there is an option for the piano keys on the side in the piano roll to make a sound when touched. No at the monent, but definitely on todo list, because it was already requested by more users …
  • How do I get these into NS2 using only my iPad?