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  • Hi dendy, i wait for the fix. I cannot write what i think about the arrogant Apple.........But i hope so, that they throw out the fix very fast. With NS2 i have some myterious , special acting. My project sometimes uses 30% cpu and sometimes 3-5 % c…
  • Slappy, my Ipad Pro 11 is totally useless. I have it some month but cannot use it. Apple did not know of any mistakes. I called to Apple. They said i have to inform all developer of the software i use. Apple makes no mistakes. That's a shame for a t…
  • With the fix that is great when this comes. I was thinking about buying a Surface Pro 6, because of the bad Apple support. Now i will wait.... Thank you very much !!!! With the Reverb is a good Idea, i will try that.
  • SlapHappy, i have an IPAD PRO 11 and that doesn't work for DAW. The CPU usage is so high that the CPU is overheated. Apple has no interesst to fix it , because they say, the Pro is ok. That is wrong. They sale defect IPADs. I use an IPad Air2. OBS…
  • The IAP sounds are ok, but the quality must be more better. 1-3 very good Pianos, 1-3 very good acoustic guitars, Some very good ePianos (80s DX ePianos). There are no good ePianos, sorry....... A good Sax with air. The Saxes with the IAP are no …
  • Thanks to all !!!
  • I read the trick to use SFZ. Thats great. Thank you for that....
  • Ok, I will try bs-16i. Sorry for the question. Can NS2 use SFZ? I can convert the SF2.
  • Yes i know , but it is not perfect. It has not much memory for sounds. With Audio Evolution Soundfonts work perfect and i can use for each instrument effects. With bs-16i i must load lots of instances, that is very heavy on cpu load. I tested all DA…