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  • @fingertwister glad you like it, yeah I did have few versions done and some with altering synth/guitar stuff and after listening it for last few hours before I call it done I wasn’t sure what’s right or wrong anymore:DDD ultimately decided to go wit…
  • @anickt yeah in this instance I did put Waveshaper on master with sine curve at 3 or 4 percent that is that crunchiness, I think I overusing that Waveshaper in ns2 but I love it @dendy ohh I forgot about that tune, did love it when it was fresh a…
  • @fingertwister welcome from me and yeah I’m interested so keep them posting;) like your sound design and great mix! Great track!
  • @dendy nope I didn’t what a knob I am that’s great dendy thanks a lot again;)
  • @richardyot great idea with field recording and very clean indeed, you got great vocal mate and whole tune sounds really professional and polished. Also in same spirit/vibe as previous one, so I guess there is going to be an album soon? Great work 👍
  • @rayg1952 @Stiksi I wish there were some duplicate button too;) as I almost always creating patches from scratch and usually don’t save them either so it would just tad simpler;) but can live with it as is anyway:DDD
  • @Mindseye yep artwork is important too I believe! I love light trails and it’s artwork! But I did listen most and still listening:) @Jeppan74 really great work and I really like those ambient voices/samples in your work! also your artwork is great.…
  • @LeeB 🙏 🙏 🙏 ❤️ honestly it wouldn’t all happen without amazing nanostudio2;) plus those guitar riffs!
  • @LeeB wow I’m really happy that you like whole package;) it does make me want to do more!:)
  • @LeeB thank you for uplifting comment, glad you like it;)
  • @dendy thanks 🙏 I’m just couple of days before payday and was aiming for some fabfilter stuff, disappointingly no Saturn:( and now I’m bit afraid to spend on that pro q so I’ll check barkfilter and tonebooster as well! As always! You are very useful…
  • Hmm I’m about to invest but if it crashes then I might wait or save £20+ bollocks I really need multiband eq @adamtmorgan any chance you could provide more details like your iPad model/iOS version, etc I don’t want to spit that much of a cash on so…
  • @Mindseye I found you on Apple Music too;) I’ll listen to your creations today as well and right now I’m listening that track called ocean and yeah it’s really great I’m looking forward to listen rest of your stuff. My girlfriend is really into this…
  • @Jeppan74 I found you on Apple Music! So far I have to say it all sounds 👍 I really like some older ones too, like TossaDeMar it’s awesome!! Will listen to them all today;) Thanks for your output, there is definitely your sound signature.
  • @rayg1952 this is great dark noir/industrial soundtrack! Like that unusual rhythm. Well done and make sure you keep em coming thumbs up!!!
  • @Mindseye said: In the meantime my most popular song has reached 200.000 plays on Spotify! Big congrats on that achievement! I would definitely celebrate that milestone. Well done;)
  • Nice tune, great name;) that guy needs also profile in here:) @dendy Lol I didn’t know there is fb group for ns2 :DDD. Ps. Lovely studio you got there. I now regret I sold all my hardware stuff:/ :DDD
  • @dendy @drez I completely forgot that after I done it in ns2 I run into same trouble as you drez with those pesky sequencer automations doesn’t move with events so to insert bit of silence in front of it I loaded it into cubasis and used L1 ultramax…
  • @dendy @Jeppan74 I consider pretty much everybody in here great talent and artist as it’s just amazing to listen what others have done!;) I’m really glad people like my stuff, I didn’t expect that to be honest:D and yes I love NS community! Grea…
  • @drez btw thanks for nice comment sir
  • @drez let me know if that link works since that’s first time I did this in Dropbox
  • @drez I guess for evaluation purposes it should be alright since it uses some native instruments samples but you might have them anyway. You gonna laugh at this:DDD
  • @dendy Yeah got most bram bos stuff and it’s all excellent:) definitely love it!
  • @dendy oops I forgot to mention excellent troublemaker from bram bos so will have to fix that so all who deserve credit will get it;) that’s the 303, Troublemaker. Love it, should use it more:) And how much time, well I downloaded those guitars yes…
  • @UncleBen great chill out tune, very clean mix with proper hitting drums! Top!
  • @hisdudeness that’s great sounding first tune from you sir! It reminded me nirvana season in the sun(not sure I got that name right) definitely another great addition to broaden already huge genre selection from our fellow ns2 musicians! Keep them c…
  • @LeeB what a great tune! As always;) and mix sounded good to me. Yeah work does kill lot of time:( I’m literally forcing myself every day after work to do at least little in ns2 but last couple of days overtime’s got in way :@ but hey weekend is her…
  • @Audiogus said: Love it! Lets go fuck someone up! Yeah that’s fucking hilarious, I was waiting for something like that. Bloody Tony Clifton at its best:DDD glad you love it! Have a great day! You made my:DDD
  • @dendy well that’s just sad buddy at least ovnimoon get you cds. I going to check that Bandcamp as I been told by my friend recently that he is on it. So will definitely listen to your tracks. And to that finalising, well I don’t like that either i…
  • @Jeppan74 thank you. Glad you like it. yeah I could call it heist