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  • Oh I understand what do you mean, but I supposed different thing. First of all I will agree with you that NS2 has extremely good UX. I really love how comfortable editing is. My case was about direct editing midi packages CC channel data from piano roll (and then mapping this automation to knobs of your hardware…
  • Well, I will add some criticism. I'll try to make it as reasonable as I can and. I am not an experienced composer/producer, but I'm an enterprise developer myself, therefore I'll try to analyze NS2 not only as a DAW, but also as a product. I hope it will be somehow useful for it's future. At least I payed for it, so I…
  • Hello! This bug is still here, it makes live midi piano recording impossible. Manual editing in piano roll makes patterns to look awful and still doesn’t allow to make realistic sound. Is NS2 still developing? Or it’s abandoned and we shouldn’t wait for… something?
  • Hi, @AndyHoneybone! I'm a newbie in NS2 and music production. And I've got stuck with piano workflow support in NS2 to :cry: Can your solution be applied without AUM? For example, using Mozaic as MIDI effect or something like this?
  • Thank you for your efforts. It's not a very critical bug (in such cases it's possible to edit notes in part editor), but this bug (I suppose) also leads to some noise and cracks and even instrument panic while recording some classical piano stuff. I'm developer myself so I understand that it isn't possible to create such a…