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  • I like that model
  • So basically you don’t actually want the product to be improved. So now your opine is worth about 96 cents to me.
  • I would fund Matt $1K right now. But not because I want audio tracks…because I don’t 😂
  • I’m 51 and desperately want breakbeat to come back around.
  • @"Blip Interactive" I’d drop a hefty investment amount into NS2 just to keep it rolling. My investment is more in you than in features. I’d like you to be able to see your vision through. It makes me feel good knowing I funded such a killer product. I don’t need my name anywhere, just the satisfaction of knowing I kept…
  • weak. Guys,guys(and gals),calm down. I said “weak” out of disappointment. I want constructive comments. You want constructive comments. This whole courtroom wants constructive comments. I love comments. I use comments in Windows a lot still.
  • Man these are great!! Your mix is so spacious. I hear what I need to and the drums are STELLAR. Great programming. Sick stuff, sir 👊🏻
  • Just making export to Ableton Live would be amazing. Like NS1, I just like using NS2 stand alone. Being able to export out to ableton to finish ideas I start in NS2 would be great. I’d gladly keep paying for additions to NS2 like the reverb module. And man....charge more. People will pay it.
  • @boomer I love this!!! So much attention to detail. Working in NS2 myself, I know the amount of effort to do what you did here took, so I commend you for the commitment. Great use of space so I can hear the effects doing their jobs and nice melody lines through out. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing with us!
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  • Great chops @peanut_gallery !!! If I was in a bar I’d be yelling at you with a beer in the air 🍻
  • Superb as ever. So so tight and punchy. Your attention to detail throughout is what I take away the most.
  • @dendy Take my money!!
  • @Stiksi fantastic track! Really good production, very crisp. The only things for me personally are: * Maybe add a bit more wash reverb on the vocal to and pull the vocal down a hair in the mix. It’s a bit overpowering and, for me, a bit more dry than lush for that genre and so it kind of sticks up front a bit. * The…
  • Thanks for the summary @dendy. I do a lot of that but some I hadn’t thought of. Will be applying on my latest mixdown attempt!
  • @dendy your work is just so good. Everything about it. You really know how to build a song, create energy, choose complimenting sounds, and mix. I’m always jealous when I start to listen when I know it’s going to be another banger. I envy thee, but it’s also encouraging knowing what someone can do with NS2, so it makes me…
  • Yeah and they are everywhere I just never noticed this one before.
  • I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without realizing I can hold the Solo button down and get this drop down...
  • I’m not sure people understand what is going on. Matt is working on audio tracks. He’s doing it. He is not NOT working on it. It’s not a question of if we all ask, THEN he’ll do it. He’s already doing it. It seems as though people think he needs convincing or something. He doesn’t. He just needs that precious commodity…
  • Got it sussed out...
  • Ok, I finally see that if I select C0 it does actually select the pattern, but the pattern doesn’t start playing when I tap play in NS2.
  • I mean...it’s one guy developing part time. I’m pretty sure he’s happy with the result. The music people are cranking out with NS2 is stellar, imo. I’ve see more music coming from the NS2 community than any other looking at the Audiobus forums. I think people have a lot of “noodling” going on with AUM and whatnot, but…
  • Exactly. Like...why would you have released the app with just audio and no Midi or Slate or Obsidian? You pick what will get you the best bang for the buck if you have to choose which will come first. I absolutely would never have bought NS2 if it was just audio. We have other apps for that. NS2 established itself…
  • That’s awesome! So I guess you’ll respect his privacy as well. Most great art actually takes time to create. Michael Angelo took 4 years to paint the Sistene Chapel. Da Vinci took 3ish years to finish ol’ Lisa and maybe worked on it some years after he started. The best of the best in art can’t be rushed, it comes when it…
  • The fact that I know Matt is still working on it is enough for me. When he says he will do something, he’s going to do it. That’s all I care about. Mad respect, Matt :+1:
  • Oh for sure it’s because I’m tapping the slider. But I don’t have much choice because there’s such a tiny distance between the bottom bar and the slate pads. Don’t get me wrong, I love how thin that bottom bar is normally, but not when I’m trying to play the slate. It’s just to close to the slider.
  • It’s an iPhone 11 Pro. My guess it will be a problem with any phone without a button. Here’s gadget: The pad locations are small as hell and located above the line.
  • Really exceptional work here @jwmmakerofmusic ! Superb mix, sound choice, and programming.
  • Thanks folks! Real fun tune to work on. I learned a lot over the last several months on workflows and it helped out a bunch. Lots from the forum where people discovered things that helped them be more efficient. Sharing those things has been very helpful. @Stiksi I actually listened to I Can See for Miles while writing…
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  • You’re welcome @Trigger_the_Monkey and @number37. I think this forum has a lot of great resources we can each pull from. So many talented musicians, engineers and sound designers. The music coming out of the NS2 users is really good and the folks Matt has surrounded himself with are very active here and have been very…
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